3 Ways Oil Pulling May Benefit Your Dental Health

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There are many time-tested remedies that can be used to improve your oral health. One of the most trusted is oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice that involves the swishing of an edible oil, such as coconut oil or sesame oil, around the mouth for round 20 minutes. The oil is not swallowed but released into a trash receptacle at the end of the pulling session. Here are three ways that oil pulling can benefit your dental health:

3 December 2015

4 Things You Need To Know About Eosinophilic Ulcers

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Eosinophilic ulcers are chronic lesions that affect the soft tissues inside the mouth. Here are four things you need to know about eosinophilic ulcers. What are the signs of eosinophilic ulcers? If you develop an eosinophilic ulcer, you'll notice a slightly red, hardened lesion on your tongue, gums, insides of your cheeks or on any of the other soft tissues inside your mouth. This lesion will quickly become an ulcer, an open sore that doesn't heal.

17 September 2015

Four Great Ways To Keep Your Teeth White

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Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures offered today, because everyone wants a bright smile, consisting of rows of pristine pearly whites. However, dentists have offered some key strategies that will help you keep your teeth white in a natural way and in between tooth whitening sessions. The following four steps outlined in this guide will teach you the best ways to keep your teeth white. Adhere to these tips and reach out to a dentist if you have further questions.

13 August 2015

About Investing In Removable Partial Dentures For Gapped Teeth

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Did you lose a few teeth after they deteriorated from poor dental hygiene? It may be a good idea to invest in partial dentures that can fill the spaces because gaps between teeth can lead to them drifting further apart. In this article, learn about removable partial dentures so you can decide if wearing them will be a worthy investment or not. What Makes Wearing Partial Dentures Ideal for Filling in Gaps?

25 July 2015

Are You Making These Tooth Brushing Mistakes?

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If you're like most adults, you have been brushing your teeth for many years. In that time, it's entirely possible that you have picked up some bad habits. Here are some brushing mistakes that you might be making every day. Using the Wrong Brush Many people just head to the supermarket and choose a toothbrush without thinking too much about it. However, a good toothbrush can be a great tool for keeping your teeth healthy, so it is important that you select a good one.

1 July 2015

Cleaning Options For Patients With Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease can have several symptoms such as gums that are slightly swollen, red or sore. In some cases, you may notice a small amount of blood when you brush or floss your teeth. When any of these symptoms occur, you need to visit your dentist for a routine exam. Routine Cleanings The problem that you can face, even with good daily oral care, is that once tartar starts to build up on your teeth, you cannot remove it.

8 June 2015

5 Reasons You Might Want To Have Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

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Dentures have been a staple for years as a way for people who have lost teeth to have a more normal smile and dental ability again. But there have been many improvements in the field of dental technology that have brought improvements to dental care. Now, dental implants are quickly being chosen as the treatment to best replace old, cracked, or missing teeth. Dental implants bring a number of advantages over dentures:

11 May 2015

Keep Your Teeth Healthy With 3 Natural Oral-Enhancers

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You brush your teeth, floss and visit your dentist regularly. Yet, you still feel like you can do more to protect your teeth from dental ailments, like tooth decay or gingivitis. And the truth is you can with the following 3 natural and inexpensive oral-enhancers. 1. Embrace The Dental Wonders Of Honey Honey is a wonderful addition to your diet. This does not mean you should buy any honey, as the honey that is beneficial to your oral health is raw honey.

10 April 2015

What You Need To Know About Your Braces And Discolored Teeth

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Many people get braces. Braces are a great way to correct overbites, crooked teeth and problems with your mouth. However, if you are not careful, you can get discoloration and white spots on the teeth after you have had braces. This is why understanding what these white spots are and treating them as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do. Here is what you need to know about caring for your teeth with braces.

19 March 2015

Proper Care And Cleaning Of Dentures: How To Stave Off Mouth Infections

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Dentures take some getting used to. If you are new at wearing dentures, be sure you take care of them properly so you don't find yourself with a denture-related mouth infection. Here are some common mouth infections denture users get, and how to avoid them. Then there are some basic care and cleaning suggestions for your dentures and your mouth. Common Mouth Infections The following are infections that can be caused by poor care of the mouth and dentures.

4 March 2015