5 Tips For Getting Your Child To Floss

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Does your child hate to floss? Can you blame them? Flossing isn't a pleasurable experience for many people. Even adults have trouble sticking to disciplined flossing routine. Most kids don't like flossing because they find it uncomfortable or because they don't like sticking their hands in their mouth. Others may see blood on their gums or the floss and become distressed. No matter their objection, it's important that your child sticks with it.

5 January 2015

Ways To Freshen Your Breath For That Special Occasion

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Maybe you are getting ready for a special evening with the one you love, or perhaps an occasion like Valentine's Day is looming. In any case, you know that you will be up close and personal with someone that matters, so it is important that your breath is fresh. Here are some ways to keep your breath fresh at all times, particularly in those special occasions.   Top Tips for Freshening the Breath

4 December 2014