What to Do if Your Child Knocks Out a Tooth

If your child falls off a bike or gets hit in the face with a ball and knocks out a tooth, it is important to act quickly and take the right steps. This could be the difference between the tooth being able to be reattached or not being able to be reattached. Unfortunately, I found myself in this situation and wasn't really sure what to do. I ended up taking my son to an emergency dentist, but it was too late and the tooth could not be reattached. I wanted to ensure this didn't happen to other parents and children, or to me again, so I created this website. If you have children, this is great information to know before you find yourself in this situation.

About Investing In Removable Partial Dentures For Gapped Teeth

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Did you lose a few teeth after they deteriorated from poor dental hygiene? It may be a good idea to invest in partial dentures that can fill the spaces because gaps between teeth can lead to them drifting further apart. In this article, learn about removable partial dentures so you can decide if wearing them will be a worthy investment or not.

What Makes Wearing Partial Dentures Ideal for Filling in Gaps?

Wearing partial dentures is beneficial because gaps in between teeth can cause speech problems. You need teeth because they can prevent air from making sounds when you are speaking, such as by flowing through the gaps. Partial dentures can also prevent your face from taking on a sagging appearance, which can get worse as your teeth drift apart more. Your jawbones can also get weak if you don't have any teeth to stimulate them.

Partial dentures are also ideal because they will look natural in your mouth. No one will know that you are wearing dentures without closely examining your mouth. The base of the dentures will be the same color as natural gums, and the artificial teeth can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. The dentures will fit securely in your mouth by way of metal clasps, or precision attachments can be used for more comfort. Your mouth will be measured before the dentures are created so you can have a customized fit.

Are Partial Dentures Easy to Care For?

There is not a lot that must be done to keep dentures in good shape. The only thing you must do is keep them clean just like your natural teeth. You must use denture cleaner when brushing your dentures instead of toothpaste. You should also use a toothbrush that has soft bristles, as you don't want to damage the surface of the artificial teeth with harsh brushing.

You will also have to place your partial dentures in a sanitizing solution on a daily basis. The solution will not only kill the germs on your dentures, but it will keep them soft. Dentures can also be soaked in water to keep them moist enough to retain their shape. Expect to pay between $300 and $4,000 plus for your removable partial dentures, depending on if you have insurance or not. Contact a dentist to get your partial dentures customized to fit in between your gaps as soon as possible!

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25 July 2015