What to Do if Your Child Knocks Out a Tooth

If your child falls off a bike or gets hit in the face with a ball and knocks out a tooth, it is important to act quickly and take the right steps. This could be the difference between the tooth being able to be reattached or not being able to be reattached. Unfortunately, I found myself in this situation and wasn't really sure what to do. I ended up taking my son to an emergency dentist, but it was too late and the tooth could not be reattached. I wanted to ensure this didn't happen to other parents and children, or to me again, so I created this website. If you have children, this is great information to know before you find yourself in this situation.

5 Reasons You Might Want To Have Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

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Dentures have been a staple for years as a way for people who have lost teeth to have a more normal smile and dental ability again. But there have been many improvements in the field of dental technology that have brought improvements to dental care. Now, dental implants are quickly being chosen as the treatment to best replace old, cracked, or missing teeth. Dental implants bring a number of advantages over dentures:


Dental implants are fixed and not removable, meaning they don't move around in your mouth while you're having a conversation or enjoying a meal. There isn't the worry of your teeth falling out in the middle of a party, resulting in social embarrassment. In addition, they are more convenient than dentures as you don't need to remove and replace them during bedtime and in the morning. Of course, brushing them is a breeze because they act just like normal teeth, unlike dentures which must be removed.


Implants are designed with comfort in mind. They are meant to feel just like young, natural teeth that don't bother your gums or hurt you in any way. When chewing, the force of your jaw is used and you don't feel added pressure in your gums, unlike with dentures.


The longevity of implants is something that many patients love. Needing only a small amount of occasional maintenance, they don't need to be restored or replaced and can last for decades. With implants, there's no more worrying about spending a great deal of your life inside a dental clinic.


Your jaw bone needs to be stimulated to stay healthy just like your natural teeth. Otherwise, atrophy will occur and your jaw bone will shrink. Avoid losing your tissue and you can maintain a normal looking jaw line and full gums.

More Confidence

Better self-esteem and confidence are  an amazing side effect of dental implants. With your new mouth, you'll feel like you have natural teeth. The treatments assure that your natural, beautiful smile is brought back to life even if you've lost all of your original teeth. Your jawbone won't degrade, leaving you with a more youthful contour and face.

If you have dentures, or are considering them, consult your dentist (such as Dr Ronald J Shupe Inc) first. You might find out that dental implants are even easier to arrange. They can help you with your health, your looks, your time, and your money. Instead of spending your years in dentists' offices, spend your time where and how you choose.


11 May 2015